Diabetes wearable devices take-back programme

Return your used sensors, insulin patches and applicators - reduce waste, help environment and make sure your data is safe.


returns to your local pharmacy


participating pharmacies in Ireland


materials can be recovered

How it works


Don't throw your used sensors or injector pens into the bin. Keep them safe until your next visit to the pharmacy.


Bring your used devices to our kiosk in your local participating pharmacy.
Scan the code and receive reward points!


We will make sure each device is recycled and precious components and materials are recovered.

Participating Pharmacies

Why use MedalCRM?

Many biosensor devices are single-use for patient safety - once disposed they end up as clinical waste, e-waste or worse as municipal waste - none of it allowing efficient recycling and recovery of precious components and materials.

MedalCRM is a first take-back programme in Ireland, addressing this problem in an efficient and user friendly way.

What happens with collected devices ?

Nothing goes to the landfill.

Nothing gets incinerated.

Properly disposing used medical devices is helping to reduce the waste and recover materials that would often have to be mined from earth, at high environmental cost and using much more energy. 

Where possible, device components (i.e. circuit boards or chips) are extracted for future reuse. 

Applicator and container are recycled with near 100% material recovery:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Circuit Printed Boards
  • Plastics
  •  Other metals 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s free! Just bring them to one of our kiosks in a local participating pharmacy and we will take care of everything else.

We recommend registering, so you can collect your loyalty points and get rewards. 

But if you don’t want to do this, you can simply scan the code on your used device to access the kiosk.

To reduce the transport footprint, we recommend bringing the bulk of your used devices to a local participating pharmacy when you make that trip for other reasons. 

If you’re not planning to visit the collection point anytime soon, you can order pre-paid envelope for €3. Login to your account and click “Request Envelope” there. This option is only available for non-sharp devices, ie. sensors in original packaging.

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